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Dry Eye Treatment

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We Can Help Treat And Alleviate Your Dry Eye Symptoms

Signs You May Have Dry Eye

Dry eye is quite common, and many people ignore its symptoms due to its prevalence.

Symptoms include:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Scratchy, itchy eyes
  • Degraded vision quality, blurred vision
  • Red eyes/eyelids
  • Uncomfortable mucus around your eyes
Testing for Dry Eye

Our dry eye testing is thorough and very accurate. Using specialized equipment, we can isolate identifying factors.

Important Information About Dry Eye

Dry eye is more common than most people realize- it is estimated that up to 30% of Canadians suffer from it. You likely know someone who lives with dry eye.
Dry eye is typically treatable. We can help alleviate your symptoms and set you on the path to healing.

Next Steps

Treatment of Dry Eye

Depending on the specific cause of your dry eye, we may prescribe various different treatment types.

The treatment will be influenced by your lifestyle, living situation, and the specific symptoms of dry eye that you are experiencing.