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Emergency Eye Care

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A Trip to Our Clinic Is Almost Always Faster Than a Trip to the Hospital

Our Clinic Can Handle Any Eye Emergency Outside of Surgery

We are fully equipped to handle everything from corneal scratches to chemical burns.

Emergency Treatment At Our Clinic May Be Covered by the MSP

When you seek emergency eye care at our clinic, we are providing the same kind of treatment you would receive at an emergency room. As such, your treatment will be fully or partially covered by the Medical Services Plan.

The Eye is a Delicate Organ, Seek Treatment Immediately

If you have injured your eye, regardless of whether it is physical or chemical in nature, it is imperative that you seek immediate treatment.

Until Diagnosis, Avoid the Use of Over the Counter Eye Drops or Topical Ointments

This is particularly important if the emergency is chemical in nature.

Eye Safety Helps Avoid Eye Emergencies!

Remember that your eyes are fragile and should be protected at all times. That isn’t to say that you should wear eye goggles 24/7, but that does mean that care should be given to protect your eyes in situations where there is a reasonable probability of injury.

Next Steps

Chemical Burn Causes & Symptoms

Something as seemingly benign as the cleaner you use on your bathroom mirror could cause major vision problems if it were to get into your eye. Conversely, the fumes of chemicals you are working with/near can also irritate or burn your eyes.

Symptoms of a chemical burn on your eye include:

  • Tearing, watery eyes
  • Redness, irritation
  • Hard to see, blurred vision
  • Swelling
  • Pain

Treating Chemical Burns on the Eye

Your immediate reaction upon noticing a chemical irritating the eye should be to flush it out. If you are in a commercial or industrial environment there will likely be an eyewash station nearby- use it to rinse the affected eye.

If there is no eyewash station nearby (such as when you are at home), rinse your eye out with cool, clean water for at least 10 minutes.

  • Tilt your head up
  • Hold your eyelid open
  • Rinse your eye with cool water thoroughly

Chemical burns in your eye should be taken seriously. In most cases, our Optometrists are just as effective as an emergency room doctor in treating chemical burns.