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A Safe and Effective Once-Daily Eyelash Enhancer

Clinically Proven Results

Latisse® has been available for over 13 years, and during that time it has participated in over 32 clinical trials involving nearly 6,000 patients.

It Works By Lengthening the Hair Development Cycle

The active ingredient in Lattise®, bimatoprost, lengthens the growth phase of the hair follicle. This results in longer and thicker eyelashes. Melanin, the pigment which colours hair, is also stimulated.

Strikingly Visible Results in Under Four Months

Latisse® works fast! Most patients begin to see results in under eight weeks, and maximum growth by sixteen weeks.

Latisse® is Safe, Effective, and Rigorously Tested

Unlike every over the counter eyelash enhancing product available in Canada, Latisse® has undergone numerous and extensive clinical trials. It has been proven effective, safe, and with very few side effects experienced in a small percentage of users.

The results speak for themselves. If you’ve been looking to enhance your eyelashes, Latisse® is the only tried and tested product available in Canada proven to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Latisse®

What is Latisse®? What is its active ingredient?

Latisse®, using bimatoprost, is a clinically tested prescription eyelash enhancer.

How is Latisse® used?

Using the supplied disposable applicator brush, Latisse® is applied once-daily to the base of the upper eyelid.

How long until results begin to show?

Most patients will begin to notice the results of their Latisse® treatment after approximately eight weeks, with maximum impact over sixteen weeks.

Are the results from Latisse® permanent?

Unfortunately, no. In order to maintain the new length and thickness, you must use Latisse® continuously.

Can I use Latisse® even though I have had laser surgery/contact lenses/sensitive eyes?

Latisse® contains BAK (benzalkonium chloride), which may be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Contact lenses should be removed prior to use of Latisse® and may be reinserted 15 minutes following its application.

For all other eye sensitivities and ailments, individuals should speak with an aesthetic specialty doctor to determine if Latisse® is right for them.

I’ve heard the hyperpigmentation could almost produce an eyeliner effect?

In some cases, patients using Latisse® may experience darkening along the upper eyelid where the product is applied, which could give the appearance of eyeliner. This pigmentation may be reversible upon discontinuation of the product.

What are the side effects of Latisse®?

A very small percentage of clinical trial participants (totalling 5,700 people) noted minor side effects.

These side effects included:

  • minor to mild eye discomfort
  • dry eye, excessive tearing
  • red eyes, swollen eyelids
  • Sensitivity to light

For more information about the potential side effects of Latisse®, please ask the Optometrist during your appointment.