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Sports & Speciality Eyewear

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Purpose-Built Eyewear Meant for Specialized Applications. Visit Us for Expert Eyewear Advice.

High-impact eyewear from today’s most popular eyewear brands

When you need a frame for more than just looking good, our selection of specialized eyewear from brands like Adidas are just what you’re looking for.

Our Eyewear Experts Will Help You Find What You Need

Every person’s needs are unique, and our staff know the right frame or product for your intended application.

Going heli-skiing and need a high-performance pair of goggles? Need lenses that meet certain specifications or are made from specialized materials? We’ve got you covered.

Let Us Help You Try On Your Favourite Brands

Searching for the right pair of eyewear is challenging. This is especially true when looking for the right pair of frames for the slope, or goggles for the rink.

We’ve got eyewear for:

  • Skiing/snowboarding – With tints designed to lessen the intense sunlight you experience up on the slopes.
  • Goggles for snow and water – Whether you’re going for a swim or a session on your snowmobile, we’ve got a great pair of goggles for you.
  • Safety glasses – Ideal for shooting, machine shops, auto mechanics, and any other activity that you want to keep out of your eyes.

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Large Selection of In-Stock Frames & Eyewear

When you visit our eyewear boutique you’ll have the opportunity to see, feel, and try on many different types of frames.

We carry a large inventory so that you know you can find what you need at our store.