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Visual Field Testing

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Visual Field Testing is Simple and Accurate, Allowing Us to Gain Insight Into Eye Diseases like Glaucoma and Neurological Conditions Like a Stroke or Brain Tumour.

What is a Visual Field Test?

Simply put, a visual field test is a test that allows our Optometrist to measure your vision acuity in your visual field (your entire field of vision, including your peripheral vision).

A visual field test measures:

  • How far up, down, left, and right your eyes are able to see without you moving your head
  • Your quality of vision in different parts of your visual field, including sensitivity and accuracy in your peripheral vision.
What Actual Tests Are Performed During a Visual Field Test?

Our Optometrist will use some simple measurement equipment and lights to stimulate your eyes. The Optometrist will provide you specific instructions on where to look throughout the testing process.

During a visual field test, two basic procedures are followed:

  • Amsler grid test – A grid of perfect squares is placed in your field of vision. Your gaze will remain focused on a central point and will describe the condition of the square grid at various points in the grid.
  • The Amsler grid test provides important but limited perspective into your visual field.
  • Confrontation visual field test – This test gauges the performance and accuracy of your peripheral vision. While standing still, an object will be moved from outside of your field of vision towards the centre of your field of vision. You will be given instructions when to signal you see it, what you see, etc.

Accurate Results are Dependant On Your Cooperation

Due to the nature of a visual field test, trying to “do well” obfuscates information and actually makes the test less reliable.

The key to accuracy is carefully following directions provided by the Optometrist and being honest with your responses. The purpose of the test is to determine where in your visual field vision degradation or loss may be occurring. Accuracy is contingent on a properly performed test.

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Visual Field Testing is Safe and Non-Invasive

In fact, a visual field test is one of the staples in the Optometrists cookbook because its relative simplicity means that it can be performed with the aid of complex equipment or invasive procedures.